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Endure is a guide to help Christian men become and remain strong in life's race.

Grow in Biblical Maturity

Be Challenged to Change

Find Strength for the Road Ahead

Too many Christian men start enthusiastically, then fall short.

Falling short can be a public fall: Church-going husband has an affair. High-profile ministry leader gets caught in a scandal. Outspoken advocate is marred by hypocrisy.

But for most men, falling short isn’t a newsworthy spectacle. It’s subtler. Closer to home. It’s floundering in the faith. Stunted spiritual growth. It’s entering the race God has called us to, then choosing to coast.

This story doesn’t make headlines, but it’s far more common.

Will this be your story?

Endure is a practical, Scripture-steeped guide to help men finish the race God has set before them. Young or seasoned, married or solo, spiritually fit or totally anemic, this book was written for you.

Reviews for Endure

Alistair Begg
Alistair BeggSenior Pastor of Parkside Church, Author, and thevoice behind the “Truth For Life” radio preaching and teaching ministry
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“This is what I would expect from my friend, Bill Newton. A thoroughly Biblical and intensely practical call to ‘press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus’. It provides enough of a challenge to keep us from lethargy and plenty of encouragement to run with all the strength that God provides, now that we see the finishing line in view."
Marvin Olasky
Marvin OlaskyEditor in chief of World Magazine and World News Group, Dean of the World Journalism Institute, and author
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“This 18,000-word book contains more protein than most 80,000-word volumes. Bill Newton shows with good specifics and stories what it means to finish strong. His lessons include: Look for progress and not perfection, be willing to die to self, and focus on what you can become. In a "do your own thing era," Newton's emphasis on becoming less independent, and more dependent on God, is crucial.”
Andre Thornton
Andre ThorntonFormer professional baseball player, two-time All-star, and author
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“Finishing Strong, is a term used often in our culture mostly associated with everything except our faith. The news media reminds us daily of those who have missed the goal. Bill Newton, in this book gives a biblically correct, clear and concise plan of action. His encouraging, direct and challenging exhortation for Christian men to grow in their faith and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, “Finishing Strong”, is a wakeup call for Christian men to live lives worthy and pleasing to God.”
John Beckett,
John Beckett,Chairman and primary owner of The Beckett Companies, R.W. Beckett, Beckett Gas, Beckett Air, Beckett, Canada, Beckett Asia-Pacific and author
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"I was sobered to read that, according to Dr. J Robert Clinton of Fuller Theological Seminary, as many as 70% of leaders, biblically and historically, do not finish well. That data alone was enough to propel me to read this powerful little book. I found what I’d hoped for. A companion on the journey from a trusted, proven leader, a good friend who has consistently walked the talk. With its rich insights you, too, will be better equipped to finish strong and fulfill God’s purposes for your life.”
Bill Truax
Bill TruaxOwner of TRUFIELD ENTERPRISES, Inc. and co-author of The BLITZ CALL®, A System for Fear Free Prospecting and Making Cold Calls
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“Bill shows us, step by step, how to Commit to Finishing Strong. Every lesson Bill teaches is supported by specific scripture and explained by real world examples. Additionally he points out the importance of knowing all scripture, not just the parts we like best. This is the easiest book to understand God's plan for each one of us to finish strong.”
Joel Belz
Joel BelzFounder of God's World Publications which includes the World Magazine, World Journalism Institute, The World and Everything in It, and more
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“No one should pick up this little book with the expectation of finding a short list of catch-up techniques for doing late in life what you should have done earlier. To be sure, if that’s you, there’s plenty of help here. But Bill Newton’s too committed to the fulness of Scripture to engage in proof-texting. Wherever you are in your spiritual walk, you’ll appreciate Newton’s well-structured approach. If you’re like me, you’re likely to say, “I could use that.”

What's inside?

(No dry devotionals or drawn-out dissertations here.)

17 Short Chapters

Get practical guidance without fluff. Each insight-packed chapter can be read in just minutes.

Built-in Study Guide

Drive home and apply what you've read with a study guide focused on Biblical truths, not Bill's opinions.

Real-World Experience

Bill shares wisdom gained as an athlete, soldier, Harvard grad, business owner, husband, father and more.

Bill Newton headshot

About Bill Newton

Bill Newton is a pastor with heart to “help men grow up” — to see men transform from acting good to being godly.

Long before he stood behind the pulpit, Bill was playing and coaching football, flying over 250 combat missions in Vietnam, graduating from Harvard Business School, working on Wall Street, buying and selling businesses, raising a family, and the list goes on.

In other words, Bill has been there, done that.

But while his bio sounds impressive, Bill’s story is not one of win-after-win. His story is one in which God graciously allowed many chances to fail, learn, and recover. 

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Do you have what it takes to endure?

You’ve probably hit a few potholes on life’s road. You’ve drifted into the rumble strips. Maybe you ignored warning’s roar and ended up in a ditch or two. 

Whatever your story, we know God wants to complete the good work He started in you. Endure was written to provide the guidance and strategies Christian men need to live lives that honor God — start to finish.


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